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Electrify Your Life With RICTOR

One of the best things I remember growing up was a cool toy called the pogo ball. It was a variation of the classic pogo stick from the 1920's and was by far one of my favorite toys of my childhood. As I got older I primarily rode bikes and skateboards. In 2019 the company RICTOR approached us to film a commercial for them to showcase their electric skateboards and scooters. I was immediately intrigued at the concept and was ready to get to work. Once on set we followed our shot list and was able to capture some great footage while working with the actors. I couldn't wait to wrap filming so I could also try out one of the RICTOR boards. Let me tell you it was well worth the wait. You use a remote to control the speed and stop. It was so much fun not having to continuously push the board with your feet. I was able to just ride around the park at full speed and stop on a moments notice. Check out the promotional video we created for them and check out more about their products at

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