Fireworks at a wedding

Me and my good friend Eric were blessed to cover a wedding in Ensenada Mexico. The weekend started off great minus a few mishaps with our GPS on the way from Long Beach down to the border. While driving through Tijuana we missed a few turns but luckily were able to find our way to the coast and made it to the wedding safely. While in Ensenada we enjoyed the local food and drinks in preparation for the big day. On the day of the wedding everything was going well. The ceremony was beautiful and the couples family was amazing with all their help. After we took some Sunset images with the bride and groom we headed back to the reception. During the first dance some of the guests started to let off fireworks. We hadn't been warned ahead of time so I had to improvise. At the moment the fireworks were going off I was about 50 feet from the dance floor. When I heard them popping in the air I ran up like a baseball player sliding into second for a double to the dance floor. I was laying on the ground and was able to capture the bride dancing. Me and Eric talk about this moment till this day. The bride loved it and it shows how being prepared can make you ready for any moment.

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