5 tips for bride getting ready photos

  1. Space

  2. Time

  3. Prepare

  4. Setup

  5. Go!


The main suggestion I give to a bride is to give yourself plenty of space to get ready on the day of the wedding. Accomplishing this task is easy even if you're setting up in a hotel room. When you're preparing the room set aside at least one corner that is off limits. That area should be designated for the bride 👰🏽 to take pictures.


Timing is essential on the day of a wedding so being prepared early helps ease some of the stress. A good way to save on time is to stage the images when the makeup artist is finished. This allows the bride to have plenty of time without interruption to complete her hair and makeup. When everything is complete this is when the photographer can can start taking pictures. This way the bride will look her best and you can involve family members in the images to make the pictures more meaningful.


Traveling to the ceremony location can factor in to your preparation time. It's best to get ready no more than 30 minutes away from your destination. Having everything prepared ahead of time can help alleviate leaving anything behind. Its not always possible to get ready close to your ceremony location so being prepared the night before can make things run smoothly.


A big part of preparing for the day can be assisting your photographer with the setup of accessories or the wedding dress. This allows them to focus on getting the details while you finish getting ready. A lot of time can be saved here also if you have a specific location to hang the dress. Most hotel rooms have taken out hooks to hang a dress so scouting a location early can save some time.


In order to make it to the ceremony on time make sure to get the rings and any additional comfortable shoes etc prior to leaving. Give yourself plenty of time in case there is traffic. Most importantly remember to enjoy the day.

For more tips or if you have questions please leave us a comment.

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