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Video Production Quote

The team at RICTOR in Austin Texas hired Final Phase Photo to put together a video that showcased the fun you can have with their electric skateboards and scooters. They provided us with a script and we came up with a shot list to bring their vision to life. For more information visit

Filmed by Frank Lewis and Tiara Lewis
Edited by Nadine Lewis and Tiara Lewis


SAS Tactical hired us to create a 10 part training series for their online self defense program. We were able to film, edit and deliver this program within 6 weeks of filming.

Filmed by Frank and Nadine Lewis Edited by Frank Lewis

Dallas Texas

Texas wedding videographer

Airchek contacted us to run a social media campaign with several videos over the summer months to promote their AC company. Contact Airchek today for all your heating and cooling needs in Houston.

We filmed this for Norms RV in Poway California to help people familarize themselves with operating their RV rental.

Bodyburn is an exclusive workout series filmed by Final Phase Photography in San Diego California. We were hired to create a timer and graphics that would coincide with the different exercises that needed to be accomplished in the program.

Southern Nevada Home Buyers in Las Vegas hired us to create a series of promotional videos for them. We featured their expertise in purchasing homes for potential sellers.

As an avid gamer I was very excited to complete this short film project. The Last of Us is a popular video game that Alexa wanted to bring to life.

The Last of Us: Recreation with Alexa Bason. Filmed at the Old Los Angeles Zoo. This is the scene with Sam and Ellie that has an interesting twist and is a fan favorite. #ShortFilms #VideoGame #TheLastOfUs #DirectorOfPhotography

Have you ever wanted to spice up a trip tip for friends and family? Rebecca shows you how a few ingredients can add lots of flavor to your next meal. We were hired by the Affinity group to create a series of 10 videos that showcased products at their annual conference.

We assisted NFN8 media with filming a promotional video for their data center in Texas. With cinematic aerial footage along with b roll of their state of the art operation we were able to convey the care they provide to their customer base.

We helped the the team at World Greatest to showcase RAKM tower rescue. They specialize in assisting workers who find themselves in dire situations while working.

We had the opportunity to work with the team at Worlds Greatest to cover Ohenry Tents in Waco Texas. They create durable and high quality coverings for special events across the nation.

The Legacy tour brings together todays youth to teach them about the history of the civil rights movement. The Mayor Pro Tem of Dallas hired us to accompany the tour and document what took place over three days. They also got an opportunity to visit Historically Black Colleges and Universities. This year they visited Alabama State, Jackson State and Tuskeegee. The Museums in the film are The National Memorial for Peace and Justice, Mississippi Civil Rights Museum and The Legacy Museum in Montgomery Alabama.

Northwest Hills Surgical Hospital in Austin Texas contacted us to create a last minute video for a conference they were attending. Who says doctors don't have fun? Check out this medical staffs take on Wayne's world as they interview a world class surgeon.